Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2014

Gastdesigner Hilde von My Besties Dutch girls...

Hallo Ihr lieben Freunde der My Besties Motive !!!

Heute ist es wieder soweit, wir stellen euch eine liebe Designerin vor, die im Team von My Besties Dutch girls als Designer tätig ist.

Hilde von My Besties Dutch girls ist heute auf unserem Blog zu Besuch. Wir freuen uns darüber sehr….

Doch nun lassen wir Hilde selber zu Wort kommen

Hello and welcome to My Besties Friendship!

We are so happy that, today we have a visitor from the My Besties Dutch girls, please give her a very warm welcome ....

Today visited us Hilde, she belongs at My Besties team of My Besties Dutch girls

But now Hilde says something about themselves.

Hello crafters,

My name is Hilde, I live in the Netherlands, in a place called Zaandam, that's 15 minutes from Amsterdam.

I have been crafting as long as I remember. I've started making christmas cards for my family and friends with the 3-D technic, but one day I saw the Magnolia Ink Magazine and fell in love with those lovely stamps. And at the same time I go to workshops to learn the colour technics. I love the shabby and vintage style.

But I don't do only Magnolia stamps, there are a lot of other beautiful stamps, such as of course the New Besties, I love the big eyes and the shabby clothes.
I am not that long a member of the My Besties Dutch Girls Design, but it's such a great group with all talented ladies, I am honored to be part of it.

Three years ago, I finally had enough confidence to start my own blog. I learned so much from many paper crafters around the world; those beautiful creations truly inspire me. I hope my art work can inspire you too!

Here are some of my cards. For more cards and other creations, feel free to visit my blog on

Thank you for letting me share some of my creations here on your blog. And I hope to see you again soon on my blog or on facebook.

Lots of hugs, Hilde

Und hier kommen ein paar der wundervollen Werke von Hilde

We would again like to say thanks to Hilde. Wonderful that we could have you, to visit us on our blog.

Now we wish you a nice day and say bye your ..

Wir möchten uns nochmals ganz herzlich bei Hilde bedanken. Schön das wir dich bei uns auf dem Blog zu Besuch haben durften.

Und denkt an unsere laufende Challenge mit demThema:"Alles geht mit My Besties"KLICK HIER !

Nun wünsche wir euch noch einen schönen Sonntag und sagen Tschüß eure ..

Andrea N. vom Designer Team

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  1. You make great and wonderful cards and projekts ....i love them all...a big compliment to you....nice, that you to visite the My Bestie Friendship Blog as Gastdesigner....i am verry happy about this...

    Hugs Andrea from the My Bestie Friendship Team...