Montag, 30. März 2015

Gastdesigner Bonnie von My Besties International Team

Hallo Ihr lieben Freunde der My Besties Motive !!!
Heute ist es wieder soweit, wir stellen euch eine liebe Designerin vor, die im Team von My Besties PPP und auf dem Internationalen Challengeblog als Designer tätig ist.

Bonnie aus Amerika ist heute auf unserem Blog zu Besuch.

Wir freuen uns darüber sehr...

Hello and welcome to My Besties Friendship! We are so happy that, today we have a visitor from the My Besties PPP and My Besties International, please give her a very warm welcome 
Today visited us Bonnie and now she`s written something on her blog:

When i first started with My Besties last February (2014), one of the things i instantly enjoyed was the fact that i was making friends around the world.

I admire the Designers on Sherri Baldy's My Besties teams.  Many of the designers that work on the teams do not have English as their first language and yet they take the time to try to communicate!  I feel that truly speaks for Sherri Baldy's Design teams...and how kind they can be. 

I, on the other hand, can only speak English.  I wish i could've learned more languages now.  I know there is a translate button, it isn't perfect like really knowing the language.

So the reason for this post?  I met two wonderful friends from the My Besties designers and they are the co-ordinators for Sherri Baldy's My Besties Friendship team.  They have kindly asked me to guest design for them.

Thank you, Andrea and Anja for being my friends!  This card is in honor of the both of you!  

We would again like to say thanks to Bonnie. Wonderful that we could have you, to visit us on our blog. Now we wish you a nice day and say bye your ..

Wir möchten uns nochmals ganz herzlich bei Bonnie.bedanken. Schön das wir dich bei uns auf dem Blog zu Besuch haben durften. Nun wünsche wir euch noch einen schönen Montag und sagen Tschüß eure ..

Anja  vom Designer Team


  1. You make great and wonderful cards and projekts ....i love them all...a big compliment to you....nice, that you to visite the My Bestie Friendship Blog as Gastdesigner....i am verry happy about this...

    Hugs Andrea from the My Bestie Friendship Team...

  2. Just such a gorgeous card Bonnie I really love this image too. Hugs Andrea B